For employees

For our employ­ees, we have an exten­si­ve social fund under which we orga­ni­ze:

  • car­ni­val balls,
  • Chri­st­mas Eve meetings,
  • Chri­st­mas and Easter par­cels for employ­ees,
  • excur­sions and inte­gra­tion pic­nics and fami­ly pic­nics for chil­dre­n’s day,
  • scho­ol kits for chil­dren of employ­ees,
  • fishing com­pe­ti­tion,
  • free gym and swim­ming pool for employ­ees.

In addi­tion, we offer our employ­ees and the­ir fami­ly mem­bers very good life insu­ran­ce con­di­tions.
We also have an ama­teur foot­ball team.